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REM & Associates was founded in 2003 by Ramona E. Martinez and Joelle Martinez-Prutch. With extensive political and business experience Ramona and Joelle have created a company that is committed to partnering with each and every client to deliver success. REM is a minority-owned and operated company located in Denver, Colorado and servicing clients across the country.

With experience, dedication, creativity and leadership REM has become a sought-after firm for both business and political clients. REM has recently added new associates to meet the demands of their clients. The REM team brings a unique blend of political and business experience. As a former Denver City Councilwoman, Ramona Martinez has maintained important connections locally and nationally. With her leadership the REM team is able to work effectively in all levels of government.

Ramona E. Martinez

Ramona E. Martinez Ramona Martinez became involved in politics during the 1970s. She was motivated to work with organizations to improve the role of women and minorities in politics. In 1976, Ramona was appointed Chair for the Colorado Voter Registration Project. Her focus and ambition led her to a job with the Denver City Council.

In 1987, with the support of her family and friends, Ramona Martinez ran for Denver City Council District 3. She was victorious in her first campaign and continued to represent the constituents of District 3 for 16 years. Ramona was elected the first Hispanic female President of the Denver City Council and served for two consecutive terms.

During her 16 years on the Denver City Council, Ramona developed sensible legislation, built coalitions and maintained strong community relations.

Prior to running for the Denver City Council, Ramona and her sister opened a travel agency. The implementation of her marketing and business development plan led to the company being listed as one of the "Top 500 Hispanic Businesses" in the country. It only took the company two years to achieve that remarkable status.

While Ramona is most recognizes for her local grassroots politics, one cannot overlook her national involvement. The Clinton Administration appointed Ramona Martinez as an At-Large Member of the Democratic National Committee. Ramona was the first Chair of the Hispana Leadership Institute. She served as Vice Chair of the NALEO Board of Directors. And is currently an Executive Committee Member of the DNC, the Vice Chair of the DNC Hispanic Caucus and Secretary of the DNC Women's Caucus. Ramona has also been published twice in the Kennedy School of Government Journal.

Ramona Martinez founded REM & Associates to train young people in campaign management, business development and community relations. She utilizes her knowledge and experience to build a team of strong consultants that provide excellent services to their clients.

Whether it is local grassroots representation, small business savvy or national politics Ramona Martinez is a leader and a success story.

REM and Associates

6175 West Jefferson Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80235
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